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breakthrough community hope prayer Mar 03, 2023

When you choose to invest in yourself everyone benefits! When you allow for a community to invest in you it brings life giving transformation. We have a community just for this called the Life Gathering.  

Life Gathering is a weekly video call with people all across the globe.We have a worship, teaching, and LIVE prayer time together. Which means you can share your praises and your burdens and we'll pray collectively with you! 

We have seen God move mightily in this video call. From people who were barren getting pregnant, jobs found, and admission to school happen! We praise God for the breakthrough and the community we have to celebrate with each other and pray until we see breakthrough happen!

Let our community invest in you, celebrate life, and share your burdens until you see the breakthrough. We look forward to hearing about the life giving transformation that you'll experience. 

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